Signature Series

Perfume for the Soul


I wanted to branch out and create some perfumes simply for the beauty of them. The Signature Series is the result. These perfumes are based upon places I've travelled, to evoke the scents of the beautiful or the exotic places of the world. These are all essential oil perfumes, in a jojoba oil base. We use no synthetics or alchohol in their synthesis.

Blue Moon Perfume


I waited almost fifteen years for this scent; it was evoked by the quiet of a Sufi place of prayer, surrounded by the music of fountains, and scented by heavenly gardens...




One to honor the Feline, mystical, warming, and will make you purr


Citrus Splash


I grew up in Southern California when there were Citrus Orchards everywhere. This perfume was created from my memories of my grandfather's back yard, and the paradise of eating fresh food off the trees.

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Desert Spice


All right, I confess I haven't been to Morocco YET, but I'm pretty sure this is what I'd wear if I were there. This is a sweet woody spice, evoking the stalls of the souks.

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Island Spice


The city state of Singapore was the inspiration for this one. There are outdoor markets, with the scent of spices and cooking rising up into the sultry heat, and tropical gardens interspersed with the high rises and canals. A juxtaposition of the modern and ancient evoked a spicey, complex scent. This one is unique, and not for the timid!

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La Zahara


I was fortunate to be able to spend summer in Andalusia, Spain. La Zahara is from this journey. La Zahara, meaning field of flowers, is evoked by the incredible gardens I found there.
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The Hawaiian Islands have fragrant jungles set in the middle of the warm waters of the pacific. This is an exotic, heady floral-spice, evoking beautiful islands and beautiful people. Unforgetable. <

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Silk Road


From the great Eastern Spice routes comes a unique, earthy fragrance, evocative of the mysteries of the Chaikanas and the Hindu Kush.

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Sweet Amber Spice


A friend brought me some prayer beads from Tunisia made from an amber resin. This perfume evokes that smokey, musky scent.

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1001 Nights


A moorish palace stands, watered by clear streams that run all the way down from the Pyrenees. This was the jewel in the crown of a great civilization, and a wonderful setting for romance. This perfume, like the Alhambra, inspires tales that outlive the teller.

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Steam: Engine


Created for SteamPunk, and brought here for you. Steam:Engine is the foundation for this new series of perfumes. This is a dark fantasy, with notes of leather, machine oil, steam, and musk, and staying power.

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Steam: Express


Based on the Steam: Engine, this scent has lighter overtones, for a faster ride.

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Steam: Private Coach


This one has all the elements of Steam:Engine but is layered with an exotic and alluring topnote. Beckoning, and erotic, to drive your dreams all night long.

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Custom Blends


Are you interested in a beautiful perfume that is uniquely yours? Blue Moon can create a custom blend specifically for you. Contact us, and we'll get you started on the road to your special perfume.

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