Aromatherapy Line

The therapeutic properties of herbs and flower essences are well documented. When used in combination with focused Intent, the results are incomparable. The Blue Moon Aromatherapy Line brings nine distinct blends created for helping the Being with some of the maladies common to modern life.

A Note About Sensitivities
All our essential oils are safe for use on the skin, but some pregnant women have elevated sensitivities, and some people are sensitive to plants or pollen. Avoid the blends marked with a star (*) during pregnancy. It is best to test an oil lightly, first a smell, and then on a small patch of skin. If your body reacts poorly, that particular scent is not for you. Trust your bodies innate wisdom! The use of any aromatherapy scents is not meant to replace a doctor’s guidance. If you have preexisting medical conditions, please consult your physician before use.

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