Eastern Star Creme Perfumes

Eastern Star Creme Perfumes, invented by Marae Storme of California Scent Designs, are a wonderful, spreadable creme perfume. Marae has moved on to a well deserved retirement, but she has passed her incredible formula on to Blue Moon. Made from a coconut oil base that melts at body temperature, these luscious cremes are available in a variety of flavors. Use these head to toe as a dab of perfume, or a sensuously scented lubricant and body balm.

A Note to New Folks

If you have seen me at a local faire,(from 2006 on) please go ahead and order, I know you know what you’re doing. For those who have not seen Eastern Star Cremes in a long time, please take note. This is a NATURAL perfume, which means that the base elements will vary from year to year, depending upon the ‘terroir’ or local growing conditions, climate, etc. This means that there are variations in the ‘smell’ of the individual elements from harvest to harvest. Marae has vetted my product, and the crafters at the Renaissance Faire have told me “yes, this is it!” HOWEVER, Marae also told me that because of the climatic variables, she would also have people tell her that the smell had changed from year to year. If this is a concern for you, please order a sample first. That way you will KNOW what you are getting. Otherwise, personal care (perfume) products are non refundable. Thanks!

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